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Waterwise Distiller, 3-gallon

# WW 7000-3
Distillers work by heating water to the boiling point (212 degrees), creating steam that cools and then condenses back into water. Impurities are left behind in the boiling tank. Part of the 7000 series of stainless steel distillers, this 3-gallon countertop unit has a vent for the discharge of gasses. (Click here for diagram of how it works.) The boiling tank dismounts for easy cleaning (see how it comes off). Cleaning takes little effort: Simply remove, dump the residue and remount. Tap can be located on the front or the side. Automatic feature makes water constantly until the tank is full, then starts refilling as soon as you use water. Makes 1 gallon in three hours. Measures 11"W x 17"D x 17"H; weighs 30 lbs.

Distiller includes carbon for maximum filtration (replace every other month; click here for carbon refills). The 7000 series has been awarded the prestigious Water Quality Association's Gold Seal Validation, proving its compliance with rigid industry standards for performance and design.

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