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Water Factory Reverse Osmosis Filter, Under Counter

# W SQC4
Water Factory Reverse Osmosis Filter, Under Counter
3M Water Factory's RO systems reflect careful attention to detail and the finest quality components. They substantially reduce chlorine, fluoride, dirt, heavy metals, chemicals and parasites. (Download a chart of contaminants removed by this filter.) Features a four-post filtration system--sediment pre-filter, granular carbon pre-filter, carbon block post-filter and Industrial Grade Thin Film Composite (TFC) membrane. This under-counter model has a 2.5-gallon holding capacity and makes between 22 and 33 gallons of water per day, depending on your water quality and pressure. Features simple twist-and-pull filters that make changing a no-fuss task. Comes complete with tank, filters, faucet and hardware. RO filters are pH sensitive and work best with a water pH between 4 and 10. Depending on water quality, the sediment, pre- and post-carbon filters will last about a year; the membrane will last 3-5 years. Measures 17"W x16H x 4.5"D; separate tank is 19"H x 9"W. (Note: Shipping cost for this filter is $30.)
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Note on returns: Units that have been used will require the filters and membrane to be replaced. The cost of these items will be deducted from the refund.
Price: $699.00
List Price: $843.50
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