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Wellness Energizing Carafe

Wellness Energizing Carafe
This unique carafe filters out contaminants while energizing and revitalizing your water. Layers of enhancement media are combined with a removable granular-carbon filter. Click here for inside view. Includes five types of natural enhancing media—high-Gauss ceramic magnets; magnetite (a naturally magnetized stone); Tenko-seki, a far-infrared ceramic that releases negative ions into the water for an antioxidant effect; Bakuhan stone, a rare mineral used in Japan for various conditions, including arthritis and digestive problems; and Taicho, another rare mineral with antibacterial and antifungal properties. What comes out of the filter is energized water with a high redox (antioxidant) potential. Click here to see what happens to the water molecules.

Just fill the pitcher and wait for the water to filter through. Holds approx. 2 1/2 quarts; filter lasts for more than 40 gallons. Calendar dial reminds you when filter needs changing. Attractive purple color. Note: There is a $1 shipping surchage on this item. Click here for replacement filters.

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