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Watercheck Test Kits

# W 1007
This mail-in kit checks a wide range of contaminant levels in drinking water, including heavy metals, organic and inorganic chemicals and coliform bacteria. Choose one of four Watercheck Test Kits:
  • The Standard kit tests for 87 items. Click here for a list of contaminants tested by Watercheck.
  • The Pesticide kit includes all the contaminants in the Standard, plus a test for 20 pesticides and herbicides. Click here for a list of contaminants tested by Watercheck Pesticide.
  • The Wellcheck is specifically for well water. While you can use the regular Watercheck tests for well water, the Wellcheck omits testing for organic and inorganic chemicals, which are generally not found in well water. The Wellcheck 2 adds a test for bacteria, which may be found in wells. Click here for a list of contaminants tested by Wellcheck.
  • The Corrosion Check is a corrosion-only test that measure the corrosiveness of your water.
    Click here for more information on corrosion in water.
    Click here for a list of elements tested by Corrosion Check.

    There are also three add-on options to the Standard and Pesticide Kits, if you suspect radiological elements in your water and want to test for them:

  • Basic Radiological: Uranium and gross alpha and beta radiation particles such as tritium, cobalt, strontium and radium.
  • Standard Radiological: Basic Radiological plus radon gas.
  • Deluxe Radiological: Standard Radiological plus additional radium isotopes.
    Click here for a full description of the three radiological add-on tests.
    To use the kits, just take samples of your water and send them to the company, which will mail the results to you within 10-15 business days of receipt. Your report will tell you the level of each contaminant in your water and whether it exceeds established guidelines. (To see what a water report looks like, click here.) Comes with all collection containers and return shipping box. Lab fees included; customer pays shipping charge to lab. (Note: If you suspect bacteria in your water, the samples need to be sent via overnight mail for the bacteria test to be valid.)
  • Type*
    Standard Kit (87 substances)  $219.95
    Pesticide Kit (107substances)  $269.00
    Wellcheck 1 (Standard)  $145.00
    Wellcheck 2 (With Bacteria Test)  $189.99
    Corrosion Check  $129.95
    Radiology Test Options
    Basic Radiological  $165.00
    Standard Radiological  $199.00
    Deluxe Radiological  $515.00
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