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Vitalizer Plus Water Enhancer

The Vitalizer Plus microclusters, oxygenates and mineralizes your drinking water. It contains a magnetic disk (total Gauss 5,500) that creates a powerful vortex, similar to the dynamic current flowing from streams and waterfalls; and a "Super Cube" containing ionic minerals (including tourmaline) and far-infrared ceramics. This type of "hexagonal" water (so called because of the six-sided shape of the water crystal) provides energy to the body, improving its ability to nourish cells and eliminate toxins. Hexagonal water (also called clustered or microclustered water) contains smaller molecules, increasing its absorption into your body and enhancing its hydration power. In addition, it delivers oxygen more efficiently to every cell in the body. Ideal for revitalizing reverse osmosis water; great for hydrating green powders and nutritional shakes.

As simple to use as a blender; just pour filtered water or beverage into the pitcher and hit a button. Convenient 9-, 18-, and 27-minute timer allows you to decide the energy level; LED indicates when mineral cube needs replacing. Holds two quarts; measures 11"W (at base), 14"H. Comes with the book "Hexagonal Water," which can also be ordered separately.
Also available in a 220-volt-only model and a dual-voltage model for Europe; contact us for shipping rates to Europe.
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