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Scaleblaster Water Softener - #SB-MAXPRO

Scaleblaster Water Softener - #SB-MAXPRO
The NON-TOXIC way to have soft water! Here's how it works: The cable that's wrapped around the pipe produces an oscillating electric field, using a unique frequency wave that emits an inaudible sonic impulse. (view diagram). This changes the electrical and physical properties of the scale-forming calcium molecule, causing it to repel, rather than adhere to, pipes and fixtures. See before-and-after image. The action also stops further scale buildup. (Click here for a lab report.) Easy installation without any plumbing; just plug it in and wrap the cable around your cold-water pipe. Nothing to change, no salt, no chemicals!

The Model SB-MAX Pro is a new professional-grade model, the most advanced residential ScaleBlaster model ever developed. This unit delivers extraordinary results in solving hard water issues and limescale buildup. It's suitable for larger homes (up to 5,000 square feet) and for very hard water of up to 40 grains (per gallon) hardness; it can be installed either indoors or outdoors (maximum pipe size 1 1/2"). Constructed in a durable, heavy-duty aluminum enclosure. Ten-year warranty. Measures 9" W x 3.625" D x 6.5" H.
If you are not sure how hard your water is, you can purchase a water test kit.

Click here to download a flier on the SB-MAX Pro model.
Click here to download a Scaleblaster map that shows which areas of the country have hard water.
This item cannot currently be ordered online. For pricing or to place an order, please call (800) 497-9516, or send us an e-mail.

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