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Quantum Age Water Stirwand

Quantum Age Water Stirwand
This revolutionary water enhancement product actually restores water's natural chemistry, which in turn provides you with superior hydration and oxygenation. The Stirwand contains a proprietary mixture of minerals that activate the body's aquaporin molecule, which aids in transporting water to your cells. Just stir it into your beverage and let it sit for 20 seconds before drinking. Safe for hot liquids.

The Stirwand is made of nontoxic, BPA-free material. Choose from:
Gourmet Stirwand. For improving the taste of your beverages. Get hydration plus flavor enhancement! (Not recommended for beer.)
Gardener Stirwand. For enhancing the vitality of plants, fresh fruits and vegetables. Stir into the water you use for watering plants and washing produce. You can even use it in your fishtank for increasing the available oxygen!
Closeout; final sale.

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