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Pristina Hexagonal Water Concentrate

Pristina Hexagonal Water Concentrate
This unique revitalization product will energize your water and your body! Pristina has replicated nature's own six-sided water crystals with this highly energized concentrate--just add to your water and feel the difference! With hexagonal (microclustered) water, tiny molecules containing high levels of oxygen are rapidly absorbed by the body's cells, increasing hydration, enhancing vitamin absorption, sending more oxygen to the bloodstream and promoting antioxidation. Pristina undergoes a 14-step purification and revitalization process, with an end result that is ultra-pure, pH neutral, and super-hydrating. Ideal for demineralized water such as reverse osmosis or distilled. 8-ounce bottle (treats eight gallons of water).
Price: $19.95
List Price: $23.95
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