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Life Water Ionizers

Life Water Ionizers
We firmly believe in the benefits of drinking alkalized water. However, the problem with most water alkalizers is their primitive filtration, making it necessary to have a separate water filter. Life Ionizers combine alkalization with a solid filtration system. What also makes this brand unique is filter customization at no extra cost. Life Ionizers will obtain your municipality's water report, analyze it and provide you with a FREE pre-filter that addresses your particular water quality problems. (The pre-filter is a cylinder that can be placed on the counter next to the unit, or installed under the sink. It is separate from the two filters that are located inside the unit. A plumber may be needed for installation.)

Ionizers, as their name implies, generate negative ions. Just as negative ionizers neutralize pollutants in the air, these ions in water neutralize free radicals, which contribute to aging and disease. Ionizers also create microclustered water, breaking down the water into smaller molecules, which increases its absorption into your body. Water ionizers make both alkaline and acid water. Use the alkaline water for drinking, cooking and watering plants, and the acidic water for cleaning skin and hair, soothing cuts, easing fungal conditions such as athlete's foot, and rinsing your pet's coat for a lustrous sheen.

All models except the MXL-5 are available as countertop or under-counter units. Under-counter models include a faucet with built-in digital controls. Faucet is available in three finishes: brushed nickel, polished chrome, or oil-rubbed copper.

  • Other features include:
    • Multiple pH levels (up to 12.0 depending on original water source)
    • Digital display indicates mode (acid, alkaline or purify), pH level, cleaning cycle and filter life
    • Large LCD display and large, easy-access controls at top of unit
    • Automatic cleaning
    • Heat sensor to prevent overheating
    • Platinum-coated titanium plates for superior functioning (units with more plates have a higher water flow and make stronger acidic water)
    • SMPS, a power source that replaces the old-fashioned transformer. SMPS is the same high-tech electrical system that powers high-definition television. This system produces better quality water and extends system life.
    • Two filters: one with activated carbon for chlorine and a layer to remove sediment; and one with patented Vitamin C ceramic-block technology to further reduce chlorine, KDF for other organic chemicals, and activated carbon.
    • Customized prefilter
    • Filter replacement indicator
    • All models are 12.5"W x 15"H x 6.25"D.

    • Model MXL-5 (Countertop)
      Five plates, pH range 3.0 to 9.8, flow rate 3 liters per minute. Seven-year warranty.
    • Model MXL-7 (available as countertop or under-counter)
      Seven plates, pH output from 2.5 up to 11.0, flow rate 3 liters per minute. Lifetime warranty on labor, 10 years on parts.
    • Model MXL-9 (available as countertop or under-counter)
      Nine plates, pH output 2.0 to to 11.5, flow rate 4 liters per minute. Lifetime warranty.
    • Model MXL-13 (available as countertop or under-counter)
      Life Ionizers' most powerful unit. Thirteen plates, pH output from 1.7 to 12.2, flow rate 5 liters per minute. Lifetime warranty.
  • Model*
    MXL-5 (countertop only)  $1497.00
    MXL-7 (countertop)  $1997.00
    MXL-7 (under-counter)  $2497.00
    MXL-9 (countertop)  $2497.00
    MXL-9 (under-counter)  $2997.00
    MXL-13 (countertop)  $3497.00
    MXL-13 (under-counter)  $3997.00
    Faucet Finish (for under-counter models only)
    Brushed nickel 
    Polished chrome 
    Oil-rubbed copper 
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