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Fitseal Germicidal Mask

# A FSN99
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Fitseal Germicidal Mask
This multilayered mask is designed specifically for keeping out viruses and bacteria. Advanced Strapless adhesion technology offers unsurpassed disposable, one-size-fits-all personal respiratory protection.

What makes Fitseal N99 the most revolutionary advancement in filtering facepiece respirators?
It's the only one approved by NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health) that meets the additional test requirements for new technology as part of the latest respirator certification.
FITSEAL forms a molecular barrier seal between the mask and the face, minimizing the problems of hazardous inward leakage. This is common with conventional designs that are held in place by straps or rubber bands. Click for comparison.
The advanced filtration media offers extremely high filtration efficiency against airborne viruses and bacteria (99.9 percent filtration).
Choose Medium (for women) or Large (for men and larger-boned women). Can be worn for up to eight hours. Attaches with adhesive tape. Hypoallergenic. Click here for kid-size mask.
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