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SaniMate Washroom Ionizer

# A SM
SaniMate Washroom Ionizer
Ionizers generate negative ions to counteract pollutants, which are positive ions. The ions bind to particles, reversing their polarity so they drop to the nearest surface or are neutralized. The devices create a refreshing environment and emit a fresh scent similar to that of country air. (Click here for an article on The ABCs of Ions.) This small ionizer is perfect for bathrooms, closets and other small spaces, eliminating odors as well as airborne particles. Plugs directly into the wall socket (no cord). Outputs 2 million ions per second; has platinum emitter and goldplated stainless steel collectors for maximum efficiency; built-in night light. Also great for travel! Measures 2.5W" x 3"H x 1.5"D.
Price: $49.00
List Price: $79.00
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