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Energy Stone Shower Filter

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Energy Stone Shower Filter
The ultimate in energized shower water, the Energy Stone Shower Filter uses a unique volcanic mineral stone from Japan, the Super Growth Energy (SGE) Stone, to energize the water. Far-infrared ceramics and ferrite magnets combine infrared energy and negative ions for an additional softening effect on hard water, and a more energized and refreshing shower. You'll even get more suds from your soap and shampoo! The SGE stone and ceramics also have natural antibacterial properties that help skin conditions such as dermatitis.
For filtration, KDF media plus carbon reduce chlorine and heavy metals, while particle disc blocks particles and sediment from entering cartridge. Hand-held design, four adjustable spray settings, polished chrome finish, backwashable. On average, cartridge will provide 12-15 months of use for 1-3 people depending on contaminant levels and number and length of showers taken.
Note: Photo shows interior layers; actual unit is not transparent. Click here for photo of installed unit.
Click here for Energy Stone Shower refill cartridge.
Click here for more information on the Super Growth Energy Stone.
This is a special-order item; $17 shipping charge.
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