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Chanson Ultra Kitchen Filter

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Chanson Ultra Kitchen Filter
Breakthrough antibacterial and antiviral technology, filter customization, long filter life and lifetime warranty make this under-counter unit unique. The Chanson Water® Ultra-Filter has .01- micron strands that trap and remove bacteria, viruses and parasites from the water. Combined with two additional filters, this unit also works on sediment, chlorine and other chemicals, and heavy metals. Patented self-flushing system prevents clogging and extends filter life, making this the only non-clogging .01-micron unit on the market! Installs under the sink. Choose from two 3-stage configurations, based on whether you need fluoride removal:
1. Ultra Filter, granular activated carbon (GAC), and GAC/KDF combination
2. Ultra Filter, GAC/KDF and fluoride removal
If you have specific water problems, the system can be customized—just call us to discuss your needs. Ultra-Filter lasts 2-3 years; GAC/KDF lasts 9-12 months; fluoride, 6 to 12 months; carbon block, 1 year. Unit measures 12"H x 12˝"W x 4"D.
Note On Returns: The restocking fee on this unit is equal to the cost of the filters. If the filter has been used, the price of the replacement filters will be deducted from the refund.
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