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Befit Travel Filter

# W TV100
Befit Travel Filter
A disposable, maintenance-free travel filter! This compact unit (Model TV-100) is small enough to take anywhere! Only 6˝" high, less than 3" wide. Using the same patented Aquaspace compound that’s in the company’s kitchen models, this filter removes chlorine, chemicals, lead and sediment; the BioFilter version (Model TV-100BF) adds “Bio-Bullet” iodine beads to destroy bacteria and viruses on contact! TV-100 lasts for 250 gallons or 12 months, whichever comes first; 100BF lasts 200 gallons or 12 months. No filter to change; simply replace the whole unit after a year (or sooner if the unit is used often and water seems sluggish). Rubber adapter fits any faucet, even an open pipe (just hold the adapter in place). Water comes out of the attached spout. Built-in flow restrictor prevents water from dripping through the filter at more than the optimum filtration speed. Takes less than 20 seconds to fill a glass! Please note that this item is not returnable.
Befit Travel Filter (Model TV-100)  $52.95
Befit Travel BioFilter (Model TV-100BF)  $73.95
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