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Aquatomic Magnetic Water Enhancer

# W AQ
This handy and economical water energizer uses powerful magnets to enhance your water or other liquid. Aquatomic also reduces the water's surface tension, which increases your cells' water absorption and hydrates you more quickly. The energizer consists of an adjustable elastic strap that holds neodymium (rare earth) magnets. Simply place it around any bottle, can, glass or other container and wait five minutes. Aquatomic is so small you can take it anywhere. Use it in restaurants, place it around your water bottle when you're on the go--the possibilities are endless!

Two sizes: AT-1000 fits containers up to one gallon and has four magnets (total field 17,000 Gauss) and is suitable for water bottles, glasses, etc. Click here for enlarged view.The AT-3500 fits containers up to 5 gallons and has 8 magnets for a total field of 34,000 Gauss. Use it for large pitchers, jugs and other storage containers. Click here for photo of AT-3500.
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AT-1000 (up to 1 gallon)  $53.95
AT-3500 (up to 5 gallons)  $95.95
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