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Aquaspace Carafe

# W CA-100
Aquaspace Carafe
The Aquaspace carafe is ideal for the office, for those who want to try the filter before buying a larger unit, and for those who don't have room for a kitchen filter. The patented Aquaspace media reduces chlorine, chemicals, bad taste, dirt and sediment. Contaminants removed include 99% of trihalomethanes, industrial solvents, gasoline and other fuels, chemical manufacturing by-products, pesticides, trace pharmaceuticals and hormones that have been disposed of improperly into our water systems. Click here for a complete list.

Available with several options, including fluoride removal and alkalizing cartridge (increases pH up to 9.0, depending on water source). This unit gives you the utmost in flexibility: If you move from a non-fluoridated area to a fluoridated area; or if you want to try the alkalizing filter, all you have to do is change the cartridge!
Standard filter lasts for 500 gallons, or one year; filter with fluoride removal or alkalizing media lasts for 250 gallons or 6 months; filter with all three media (regular filtration, fluoride removal, and alkalization media) lasts 125 gallons or three months. Clear polycarbonate (BPA-free) carafe holds 60 ounces (almost a half-gallon).
Note on returns: Used carafes are subject to a 15% restock fee.
Click here for replacement cartridges.
Note on returns: Units that have been used will require the filter to be replaced. The cost of the replacement filter will be deducted from the refund.

Regular   $71.95
With Fluoride Media  $76.95
With Alkalizing Media  $99.95
All Three Media (Regular Filtration, Fluoride Removal, Alkalization)  $89.95
Customer Reviews
1s1s1s1s1saffordable way to have cleaner, better-tasting water
By Elizabeth
We installed a whole-house filter that filters out biological material but not dangerous chemicals. We got the Aquaspace Carafe for drinking and cooking and noticed a much better taste but also improvements to our health (we have copper pipes, and so does our municipality for pipes beneath the ground). We're grateful for it.

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