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Aquatomic Magnetic Water Enhancer - Testimonials

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“I have used other magnetic gizmos over the years to magnetize and attempt to change the structure of water but honestly couldn't really feel or taste any difference. After receiving the AT-1000 and putting it over my water bottle after only a few minutes I could immediately taste the difference. I had my wife drink some of the water and she also could taste the difference. The water is sweeter and feels lighter after being exposed to the magnets, the difference is quite striking. I have to say that I am impressed by this product and the speed at which it affects the water.

For fun and out of curiosity, I have used a pendulum to test the energetic spin of the water doing it over a glass of tap water, water filtered with the Aquarius Triple, and water filtered with the Aquarius Triple and also treated with the AT-1000. The tap water had no spin (energetically speaking = dead water), the water filtered with the Aquarius Triple had a good fairly wide and strong positive spin and the water also treated with the AT-1000 had an even wider and stronger positive spin.” —Patrick R., California

“We have a 14-year old German Shepard-Lab mix who has been hobbled with severe arthritis for well over a year now. We have been filling her water bowl from a pitcher which has one of your Aquatomic magnet hydrating devices around it. Amazingly, in just a little over one week’s time she has become more mobile than she has been in a couple of years. We have even reduced her pain medication. My family thanks you for making such a fine product and I will be sure to let all of our friends who have pets know about the Aquatomic!”—Donald K., Shamokin, PA

“I’m pleased with the devices which I have distributed to my family. Everyone notices the enhancement to both water and wine! The plants seem to like it too.” —Jay C., Toronto, Canada

“I do like the fact that it is small and low profile. I’ve tried others in the past that were too clumsy to use. The way it is boxed makes it perfect for giving as gifts.”—Jan K., California

“I bought three and put one on my water filter, one on my water container, and used the third on a bottle of wine. The water definitely tasted sweeter and so did the wine.”—Derek S. Sylmar, California

“We put it on a bottle of wine, and it made the wine less acid and more alkaline.” —Hugh T., Albuquerque, NM

“I bought this and put it on my shower filter. Now the soap has richer lather.” —Dave B., Virginia

“I use the Aquatomic on my tea bottle daily, and it works great! I accidentally left it on the bottle when I put it in the dishwasher. It came through the cycles unscathed! It’s nice to know it not only works, but it’s dishwasher safe too !” —Pattiria M., Maryland

“After a longer than expected trip, my wife and I came home to very sad-looking poinsettia plants. Remembering your plant experiment, we watered one with plain water and one with water from an Aquatomic water bottle. The one that received the Aquatomic water came back to life quickly, while the other still looked sad…..we took pity on it, and gave it Aquatomic water too. Now both plants are doing well!”—John E., Missouri

“My husband loves our Aquatomic so much, he won't let me take it off our undersink water filter even for a few minutes just to show our friends why our water tastes so good.”—S.K., Baltimore, MD

“We’ve had over 100 people compare bottled water with our Aquatomic and without it. And every single person has said the Aquatomic water tastes ‘wetter.’—L.B., Los Angeles

“Just a few minutes with the Aquatomic around a bottle of wine works the same as years of aging. It just absolutely smooths out any bite -- even without giving the wine a chance to breathe.”—M.N., Dearborn, MI

“Everybody who sees the Aquatomic on my water bottle wants to know what it is. And then they can’t believe how powerful it is when they taste the water.”—A.S., San Diego, CA

“I’ve placed an Aquatomic on the watering pot for my plants. The difference in how they grow is like out of a science fiction movie. You haven't seen big, healthy plants until you water them with Aquatomic water. I can’t wait to try it on my vegetable garden next spring.” —V.W., Seattle

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