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Our most recent print catalog, dated 2015-2016, was mailed to everyone on our customer list in late spring of 2015. Many products and prices have changed since that time, so the Website is the best way to access up-to-date information. If you would still like a print catalogclick here to send us a catalog request or call (800) 497-9516. We only send catalogs within the United States. 

Please note that due to increased mailing costs, we are no longer able to send free catalogs to people who have not been active (placed at least one order) within the past five years. If you have been on the mailing list but have not placed an order during the past five years, you can receive another catalog by sending $2 to Cutting Edge, PO Box 4158, Santa Fe, NM 87502. You can also download the catalog in PDF format by clicking here.