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Vaccine Basics (DVD)

# D VAC3
Vaccine Basics (DVD)
By Sherri Tenpenny, DO. Do vaccines prevent illness? Are there dangerous side effects? Should I vaccinate according to the CDC schedule, delay vaccines or not vaccinate at all? Dr. Sherri Tenpenny provides in-depth and scientifically documented responses to parents' most commonly asked questions. This DVD covers the basics of vaccines, including the history of the smallpox and polio vaccines; the CDC's recommended vaccine schedules and the challenges associated with combining vaccination ingredients; the actual risks of contracting hepatitis B, tetanus, chickenpox, pertussis and rotavirus diarrhea; whether vaccines are effective for these diseases; the facts about flu shots and other pandemic vaccines; the origins of the mandatory vaccination policy; vaccine exemptions for school entry; the importance of childhood illnesses in providing natural immunity; and more. Dr. Tenpenny provides comprehensive, factual information so parents and practitioners can make informed, and sometime life-altering, health care choices. Running time: two hours, 9 minutes.
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