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Stetzerizer Radio-Frequency Meter

In addition to electromagnetic fields (output by any type of AC-powered equipment), there's a recently discovered type of field that can affect you. Every time you plug in an electrical or electronic device, you create radio frequencies (RF), and the entire building wiring acts as an antenna for these frequencies. This RF energy, often called "dirty electricity," is a different type of field from the kind produced by the power companies' electricity. Now there's a meter that can detect this type of radiation, as well as filters designed to block it. Anyone can use this simple system: Just plug in the digital Stetzerizer Microsurge Meter; if it reads 30 or above, you need a Stetzerizer filter in that outlet. The filter looks like an AC adapter and plugs directly into the outlet. (After you plug in the filter, take another meter reading and you'll see a lower number on the meter.) In most cases, about 20 filters are required for an average-size house. (Click here for installation instructions.) These filters work best for freestanding homes and offices. (Apartments, condos and other attached units are difficult to treat because frequencies from other units will still be entering your space.)

Please note that because the effects of these filters are cumulative (readings at other outlets will decrease after you plug in one filter), using the meter by itself, without any filters with which to help test it, will not give you the most accurate readings. We recommend starting with at least five filters when you buy a meter to test your home.
Click for a video on how the Stetzer system differs from other brands.

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Click here for a PowerPoint presentation given by Cutting Edge President Jules Klapper at the 2011 Weston A. Price conference.

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