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Portable Far-Infrared Sauna

# M PS1
Portable Far-Infrared Sauna
Far-infrared (radiant) saunas have major advantages over conventional hot-air units. Standard saunas use indirect heat: first convection (air currents) and then conduction (contact of the hot air on skin) to produce temperatures of 180 - 235 degrees. This excessive hot air heats skin only superficially. A radiant system heats objects directly without heating the air in between, which means it penetrates the body's tissues to a depth of at least 2". Less than 20% of the infrared energy heats the air, leaving more than 80% to be directly converted to heat in our bodies at temperatures ranging from 110 - 150 degrees.

This portable and lightweight sauna is easy to use, and ideal for small spaces. Simply set the electronic timer for 10, 20 or 30 minutes; sit on the chair and zip up the front. Cover also has zippered openings for your hands and Velcro closure for your neck. Side and back walls are covered with a conductive heating element coated with far-infrared material that takes only 5 minutes to reach 149 degrees. Comes with foam floor cushion, foot pad with conductive heating element, and canvas folding chair that can be used anywhere. Takes just a few minutes to set up and break down. Folds flat into rectangle with handles. Measures 24"W x 38 1/2"H x 28"D. Weighs 10 pounds folded; chair folds into its own carry bag and weighs 5 pounds.
Shipping on this item is $50. Please note that portable saunas are not returnable.

Price: $650.00
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