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Gaussmeters are used to detect electromagnetic fields in the home. This digital meter represents quality, versatility and good value. Magnetic Sciences International (MSI) meters are used by professionals who work in EMF mitigation; the manufacturer was consulted for the book "Electromagnetic Fields." Features a range of up to 200 gauss (200,000 mG), digital display, frequency-specific bandpass filter that prevents harmonic distortion, and flat frequency response for greater sensitivity. Has low-battery indicator and built-in tilt stand. Comes with 2-foot shielded extension lead to prevent interference from other frequencies, sensor module (Magcheck) for measuring the fields, 9V battery (which will operate the meter for 72 hours continuously), spare fuse and 30-page Magnetic Field Guide. Accurate to 2% of reading. Weighs 12 oz. Several accessories for this meter are available separately: an Electric Field Sensor; a Body Voltage Meter; and a Carrying Case. Click here for more information on electromagnetic fields.
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