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Infratonic 9 Therapy

Infratonic 9 Therapy
The Infratonic 9 massager provides fast relief from chronic and post-surgical pain, inflammation and stress. Its ultra-low sound-wave frequencies penetrate the deepest layers of the body’s tissues to dissolve cellular trauma. The frequencies, combined with a powerful magnet, help to reduce swelling, enhance the healing process, and ease pain.

Easy-to-use control unit features three settings (Balance for healing injuries and accelerating recovery, Acute for healing at a deeper level,and Deep Calm for relaxation), and 10- or 20-minute timer. Safe for children and pets. Runs on rechargeable battery; a 90-minute charge gives you at least 50 hours of use. Small enough to take anywhere! Comes with carry case. Two-year warranty on parts and labor.

Price: $725.00
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