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A healthy bowel is an important key to general good health. The HealthStep assists people in achieving the proper posture for elimination: squatting. Until the mid-1850s, people squatted to eliminate. At roughly the same time, the forerunner of the modern toilet was invented, and we have been the worse for it. The toilet is not designed to support the abdominal area during elimination. The Step has slanted footrests that allow you to sit in the proper position. Helps with constipation and hemorrhoids. Fits around toilet base; the width of the center opening is 9.5 inches. Dimensions: 16.5" L x 19" W x 8.5" H. Made of sturdy plastic with rubber footpads. FDA-approved. (Shipping charge $30.)

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One HealthStep  $65.95
Two or more (each)  $55.95
Customer Reviews
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By Nancy
When I was in Africa in 1967, the public restrooms had "Eastern" and "Western" toilets. Being a very curious person, I had to check out the Eastern toilets. There was just a hole in the floor. About 40 years later I purchased 2 of the Cutting Edge Health Steps and have been using them with much success ever since. I highly recommend this item for everyone.

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