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Asunaro Foot Detox Pads

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Asunaro Foot Detox Pads
Asunaro sap sheets from Japan are designed to draw toxins from your body through the acupuncture points on the soles of your feet. (Click here for diagram.) Wear them while you sleep and monitor the color of the pad over a period of time; they should lighten in color as your body releases toxins. Before bedtime, simply place the sachet on the target spot and secure it with the adhesive strip. Asunaro pads are made with a pure white-oak wood vinegar that is certified by the Japan Earth Kiln Wood Vinegar Association, which certifies kilns that produce top-quality, purified wood vinegar. This type of vinegar contains extra pyroligneous acid, which makes it particularly powerful. Also contains tourmaline, Japanese cypress oil, dextrin, cyclodextrin and melilotus (sweet clover) plant. Comes in trial bag of 10 or bag of 36; buy two or more large bags and get a discount.
Customer Reviews
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By Annette
I really like the foot sheets. I have been using them every night for sciatic nerve pain.

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