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Air Supply Personal Ionizer

Air Supply Personal Ionizer
Ionizers generate negative ions to counteract pollutants, which are positive ions. The ions bind to particles, reversing their polarity so they drop to the nearest surface or are neutralized. The devices create a refreshing environment and emit a fresh scent similar to that of country air. (Click here for an article on The ABCs of Ions.) This tiny unit is ideal for people who want protection from stale indoor air no matter where they are. It's particularly useful for combating the recirculated, germ-loaded air on airplanes; we don't fly anywhere without ours! The Wein Air Supply (formerly called the MiniMate) operates on a lithium battery (included) for more than 50 hours of use. Wear it around your neck with the cotton strap, or use the clip to attach it to a shirt pocket. Uses patented Electrodynamic Corona Discharge Technology (up to 2 million negative ions per second); has platinum emitter and goldplated stainless steel collectors for maximum efficiency. Measures 1.5"W x 1"D x 2.5"H; weighs only 1.5 oz. In addition to the standard Air Supply (Model AS150MM), the new Extra-Strength Model AS180i features 30 percent greater air output. Standard unit comes in black (pictured above), extra-strength model in gray.

United Airlines does not allow these to be used on board. We are not aware of any other airline that bans it.

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Air Supply AS150MM (list price $79.95)   $59.99
Air Supply AS180i (list price $109)  $89.99
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