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Water Treatment Buying Guide

Deciding what type of water filter or enhancer to buy can be confusing. Here are some guidelines to help you:
If you want a filter that removes chlorine, chemicals and heavy metals, look at Aquaspace and Clean Water Revival.
If you want a filter that does all of the above and also enhances your water, look at the Aquaspace with magnets.
If you also want to remove fluoride, your choices are the Aquaspace with fluoride option, Clean Water Revival with fluoride option, Water Factory reverse osmosis filter, or a distiller.
If you are concerned about parasites or bacteria, all of our point-of-use (countertop and under-counter) units will handle them.
If you are concerned about viruses, consider
a distiller, the Chanson Ultra Filter, and the Chanson Nano Filter. Clean Water Revival also offers an ultraviolet (UV) option which will kill viruses. (This option is not posted on our site yet, but you can call us for information.)
If you want a whole-house filtration system, we offer the Aquaspace and Aquasana whole-house systems.
If you already have a filter and you want to enhance your water, consider the Vitalizer Plus or Grander systems; or for smaller quantities of water, the Stirwand or Aquatomic enhancer.
More questions? Call us at (800) 497-9516, or send us an e-mail.
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