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Total Shield Agricultural Unit

# EMF S301
Total Shield Agricultural Unit
The agricultural version of the Total Shield is a power-boosted broadcaster used directly on the farmland to stimulate biological energy and create a balanced harmony in the soil. This results in improved quality of your crops. The Agricultural Shield gathers cosmic energy into the large Tesla coil antenna running the full length of the shield. This modulated energy is coupled to the bottom of the Tesla antenna, where it is broadcast horizontally in a circular pattern through the soil to the roots of the plants. The bottom of the agricultural shield should be buried 6 inches in the soil.

Available in four configurations:

  • Standard Agricultural Shield (Model LW301). Can be used with or without a power source. Without a power source, the Shield will be effective in an area of about four acres. With power, the unit effectively pumps the energy at an amplified level to increase the coverage to ten acres. Four inches wide, 32 inches high.
  • Agricultural Shield With Radionic Well (Model S302W). Can be used with or without a power source. Covers about four acres without power and ten acres with power. Radionic well at the top allows for radionic broadcasting of items placed inside. 32 inches high, four inches wide.
  • Large Cosmic Pipe, 4X. Covers 100 acres; uses no power. Eight feet tall, 7.5 inches wide.
  • Large Cosmic Pipe, 8X. Covers 150 acres; uses no power. Eight feet tall, 7.5 inches wide.
    Stronger custom models also available; call for information.

    People who use the Shield have seen their soil come into full balance within 6 months. They also notice greatly increased crop yields and substantially higher natural sugar content.
    Click here for a flier on the Agricultural Shield.
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    Click here for more information on radionics.

    These units are made to order and therefore not returnable.

  • Model*
    TS Agricultural (Model LW301)  $1295.00
    TS Agricultural With Radionic Well (Model S302W)  $1450.00
    Large Cosmic Pipe 4X  $8200.00
    Large Cosmic Pipe, 8X   $9800.00
    Customer Reviews
    1s1s1s1s1sS302W AG UNIT
    By Kevin
    My wife and I are very happy with the AG unit we placed in our cellar next to the house. The health and sleep issues we were experiencing have entirely cleared up. We are running the unit with all modes on. With Neem oil in the AG unit well we already seem to have fewer leaf miners. Literature says the soil improvements take about 6 months, so I look forward to observing positive results next year.

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