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Which Total Shield Is Right For Me?

Which Total Shield Is Right For Me?
When we started offering this product more than 18 years ago, there was no WiFi, few cell phones and computers, cordless phones (DECT) were relatively new, and the levels of EMFs in general were much lower. The cell-phone transmission standard was 3G only a few years ago; now the standard is moving to 5G. If a customer lived in the suburbs and had no external stressors such as overhead power lines, we recommended a single coil. Now, with all the electronics in people’s homes and with more, newer and more powerful products on the way, we suggest that a 2-coil is the minimum if one lives in a suburban environment without any external stressors.

Many of our customers recognize that the EMF problem isn’t going to get better any time soon; it is going to get worse with the prevalence of smart meters, 5G cell frequencies, and more cell towers. More of our customers are purchasing the stronger 3- and 4- coil units so they can have the capacity available as the EMF issues increase over time. We also suggest that people with electrical sensitivities or who live very close to power lines or cell towers buy a stronger model.

When you are away from home and want to take the Total Shield protection with you, look at the Mini Harmonizer and the Micro Harmonizer. Both these units provide the Schumann Resonance protection that the Total Shield provides, although with lesser power and range. The Mini was designed as a travel unit so people can put it in their hotel room (handles about 100 square feet) or wherever they are staying. The Mini is also available in a version that is four times stronger, Model 4X. Although many customers will use the Mini as a personal protection device, carrying it with them during their travels, the Micro was designed solely as a personal protection device and is worn on your body or carried in your pocket or purse.

Total Shield also provides farm units that cover from 10 to 50 acres. Click here for more information on these units.

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