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The Hidden Messages in Water

# B 1074
The Hidden Messages in Water
By Dr. Masaru Emoto. Many people are aware that water can be imprinted with energy. But how many know that actions we perform every day--such as talking and listening to music--can actually affect water's properties? In this book, scientist Masaru Emoto, who is known for his pioneering research on water, describes his latest work in this area. Dr. Emoto uses high-speed photography to document that water crystals change shape when exposed to speech, music, pictures, and even the written word. Among his amazing findings are that water exposed to positive words and images takes on symmetrical and beautiful patterns (similar to snowflakes), while negative speech results in water crystals that are distorted and dull. Many of Dr. Emoto's photographs are reproduced in the book. Some of his images, along with a brief explanation of his work, were included in the film, "What the #$*! Do We Know?", which became a cult favorite in 2004. (SC 160 pages)
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