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Tecno "PCZone" Computer Protection

# EMF PC16
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Tecno "PCZone" Computer Protection
Designed for protecting against harmful energies from laptop computers, full-size LCD (flat-screen) monitors and flat-screen TVs. Using the same patented CMO (Compensatory Magnetic Oscillator) technology as the cell-phone unit, the Tecno maintains biological equilibrium and has been scientifically proven to reduce electromagnetic stress caused by these frequencies. Based on studies showing that alpha waves (which the brain emits during meditation and relaxation) enhance the immune system, the Tecno contains a frequency-imprinted solution that provides similar support, conducting positive energies to the immune system in a biologically friendly manner. Attaches with adhesive backing. Buy 2 or more at a reduced price. Click here for closeup view.
Click here for a 16-page brochure on Tecno.
(Click here for a 51-page summary of research studies.)
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