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Super High-Frequency Machine, Portable

Super High-Frequency Machine, Portable
Now more than ever, you need protection from the super-high frequencies that are raining down from satellites, airplane transmitting equipment, radar signals, and sunspots. These are but a few of the very high signals you are absorbing as you go about your daily activities.

These new two travel-sized units (from the makers of the popular Total Shield) cover smaller areas than the full-size machine. (Click here for the large unit.)

The devices generate signals that are of equal power to the high-frequency energies and beam them upward to meet the incoming signals. The power of the incoming signal is neutralized in the same way a battery is neutralized when the terminals are shorted together.

Coverage is approximately 200 square feet for the Model X4 and 400 square feet for the Model X8. Both units measure 2 1/4" x 3 1/2".

Mini X4  $1000.00
Mini X8  $1100.00
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