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Super-High Frequency Machine

Super-High Frequency Machine
One of the most useful pieces of equipment that you can put in your home or on your farm. Now more than ever, you need protection from the super-high frequencies that are raining down from satellites, airplane transmitting equipment, radar signals, and sunspots. These are but a few of the very high signals you are absorbing as you go about your daily activities.

One saving grace is that SHF signals do not penetrate through metal roofing material. However, many homes have shingle roofing. Barns generally have a metal clad, which shields those inside from this overhead menace. Animals in their stalls are protected, but when they are put out to exercise or to graze, then they too become victims of this modern pest.

The Model SHF-1 (from the makers of the popular Total Shield) combats the problem by generating signals that are of equal power and beaming them upward to meet the incoming signals. The power of the incoming signal is neutralized in the same way a battery is neutralized when the terminals are shorted together. The unit is housed in a fiberglass enclosure that does not impede the signals it generates. The unit runs on 12 volts but is supplied with a wall transformer when a 12-volt supply is not available and you want to run it on a diesel generator.

The numbers on the unit's display constantly change as it searches for the frequency and power level of received signals. As signals are detected, the unit instantly generates the opposing signal and determines in which quadrant to beam the counteracting signal. All of this takes place in milliseconds. When the incoming signal remains steady, the SHF-1's display remains steady.

Many people with physical symptoms from super-high frequencies have noticed immediate relief after installing the SHF-1 in their home or on their farm. Coverage of the unit is approximately 200 yards in all directions from its location.

Now available in a portable unit!

Price: $6000.00
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