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Shungite Pyramids

Shungite Pyramids
Shungite is a unique Precambrian carbonaceous natural mineral of organic origin that can be found in its raw form only in the Republic of Karelia, Russia. The stone received its name from the small village called Shunga where it was first discovered. This is the highest quality shungite, found only in Russia's Zazhoginsky mine. People have been using shungite for pain relief for generations, and more recently for protection from electromagnetic fields.

Shungite in a pyramid shape makes a powerful combination. The shape of a pyramid is like the carbon atom, one of the base structures of creation. It harnesses high-vibrational energy. The pyramid has been a sacred shape for thousands of years; the Egyptians believed it represented the descending rays of the sun and aided spiritual growth.

Place this polished black pyramid on any surface or carry it with you. Four sizes:
--Small measures 1 1/2" square at base; 1 1/4" high at point. Weighs 1.6 ounces.
-Medium measures 2 1/4" square at base; 1 3/4" high at point. Weighs 3.7 ounces.
--Large measures 3 1/4" square at base; 2 3/4" high at point. Weighs 6.2 ounces.
--Extra large measures 4" square at base; 3 1/4" high at the point. Weighs 8 ounces.
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Small  $19.95
Medium  $29.95
Large  $39.95
Extra Large  $55.95
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