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Respro Techno Pollution Mask

The perfect solution for those who exercise outdoors in pollution-heavy areas; for environmentally sensitive people; and for anyone who needs a heavy-duty mask. So effective that it was used by oil workers who cleaned up the fires in Kuwait during the Gulf War. The Techno combines two outstanding technologies: a submicron filter and Dynamic ACC (activated charcoal cloth), which was developed for defense applications and consists of highly absorbent fibrous charcoal in the form of a strong, flexible cloth. The two valves are designed to improve airflow performance on exhalation. Filters chemicals, dust and other fine particles, pollen, smoke, even bacteria and viruses; lasts for 60 hours. (Click here for a complete list of what Dynamic ACC removes.) Neoprene mask wraps around back of neck with Velcro.To ensure an effective seal, masks have a flexible aluminium nose clip that can be formed to the user's facial shape.
Three sizes: Medium, Large and XL. As a rule of thumb, mask sizing is as follows:
Medium: Average build up to 5'6"; Heavy build 5'
Large: Average build 5'7" to 6'; Heavy build up to 5'6"
X-Large: Average build over 6'; Heavy build 5'7" to 6'
For a more detailed sizing chart, click here. Medium available in pink, blue or black (pictured above); Large in pink or blue; and XL in black only.
Click here for replacement filters.
Please note that Respro filters are not returnable once opened.
Price: $59.95
Size and Color*
Medium (Black only) 
Large, Pink 
Large, Blue 
XL (Black only) 
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