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Respro FB-2 Fire Mask

Respro FB-2 Fire Mask
Developed with the U.K. Fire Brigade Services, the FB-2 is provided to firefighters worldwide to protect them in situations where breathing apparatuses (oxygen tanks) would not be used (e.g., forest fires). From the makers of the Respro Techno Air Pollution Mask, the FB-2 mask contains a HEPA-type filter that removes sub-micron particulates, and Dynamic ACC for diesel fumes, carbonaceous material, airborne chemicals and gasses, and dusts. Valves release heat, water vapor and CO2. Made of Neoprene and wraps around back of neck with Velcro. Lasts for 60 hours. (Click here for a complete list of what Dynamic ACC removes.) Black Neoprene mask wraps around back of neck with Velcro. Comes in fluorescent yellow travel case.
Three sizes: Medium, Large and XL. As a rule of thumb, mask sizing is as follows:
Medium: Average build up to 5'6"; Heavy build 5'
Large: Average build 5'7" to 6'; Heavy build up to 5'6"
X-Large: Average build over 6'; Heavy build 5'7" to 6'
For a more detailed sizing chart, click here. Please note that Respro filters are not returnable once opened.
Click here for refills.
Price: $69.95
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