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Radio-Frequency Shielding Foil

Radio-Frequency Shielding Foil
Protect your home from radio frequencies with RF Shielding Foil. Aluminum-based material is designed to block digital signals (both analog and pulsed) from exterior sources such as microwave transmitters, cell phone towers, cordless phones, your neighbors' Wi-Fi signals and smart meters. Although it can be used for spot-reducing problem areas, this flexible and lightweight foil is ideal for new construction and renovation. It can be applied under drywall (can be used as a vapor barrier), shingles, stucco, or plaster; and can be used under roofs and in attics. Weather resistant, tear-proof, nontoxic. Four feet wide; any length available. Prices listed below are per running foot..
This item is custom-cut and not returnable.
1-9 feet  $40.00
10 or more feet  $30.00
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