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Open Focus CDs

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Open Focus CDs
Les Fehmi, a pioneer in the biofeedback field, has spent more than 40 years showing people how to switch from a “narrow” focus---a tense and stressful mode---to an “open” one in which the senses are fully engaged. This wide-open state has powerful effects on both your mind and your body. These CDs contain guided exercises to help you put the theory into practice.

The audio series consists of three levels, each one building on the previous level. Each level contains six CDs. Buy more than one set and save! Two sets for $140 (you save $20) or three sets for $200 (you save $40).

Level One: Skills for Physical and Mental Mastery
Introduction to Open Focus
Head and Hands
Long Form (Long Visualization Exercise)
Short Form (Shorter Visualization Exercise)
General Practice
Dissolving Physical and Emotional Pain

Level Two: Alleviating Stress-Related Physical and Emotional Pain
Dissolving Pain
Joint Space in Open Focus
Heart-Centered Open Focus
Localizing Feeling, Emotion and Pain
How Am I Paying Attention?
Transfer of Open Focus to Daily Life

Level Three: Optimizing Performance and Function
Feeling in Open Focus
Listening in Open Focus
Thinking in Open Focus
Seeing in Open Focus
Racquet Sports Training
Independent Practice of Open Focus
Click here for a book about the principles of Open Focus.

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