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Oko Clean Duo Cloth

# M 1008
Oko Clean Duo Cloth
Oko-Clean cloths use a patented technology that depends on microfine fibers to clean dirt, grime, grease and other substances without any chemicals. They can be used on just about any surface that gets dirty, from kitchen countertops to garage floors. The fibers are so soft that they will not scratch even the most delicate surface (except Plexiglas, which is extremely fragile and prone to scratching.) Cheaper cloths simply can't compare on quality! Oko Clean cloths are not disposable and are designed to be used again and again! The Duo Cloth is a two-in-one: on one side is the Universal Cloth, for glass, furniture and other surfaces; on the other side is the Cleaning Mitt, for hard-to-clean areas such as kitchen and bathroom tile. Machine washable.
Price: $6.95
List Price: $9.95
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