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Mini Harmonizer

Mini Harmonizer
This portable, rechargeable unit from the makers of the Total Shield is suitable for a room of approximately 100 square feet. It produces a 7.83 Hz field (the Earth's natural field, also called the Schumann Resonance), protecting you from electrical and electronic devices such as computers and TVs. Charge it for 12 hours and it will last for 40 hours. Ideal for travel. Comes with AC adapter (compatible with 110 and 220V); measures 2 3/8"W x 3 3/4"L x 1"D; weighs 4.1 ounces.
The 4X unit is four times stronger than the regular model; the battery charge does not last as long so it will need to be charged more often. The 4X unit has one LED, while the regular unit has 3 LEDs.
Click here to download the Mini Harmonizer manual.
Mini Harmonizer   $250.00
Mini Harmonizer 4X   $290.00
Customer Reviews
1s1s1s1s1sMini Harmonizer running 4 years strong
By Brenda
Going on 4 years of flawless protection. Daughter is debilitated by EMF due to leaking cerebral spinal fluid even after blood patches....took years to figure it out. She carries this whenever she leaves home. Protects her from her work computers and big city power lines that crisscross every road !! She uses the largest Total Shield at home since a massive power line is nearby. She can live her life again!!

1s0s0s0s0sBATTERY DIED-Mini Harmonizer Model MH690
By Anne Christine
Used for a few months, then left on the shelf for a few months after a complete battery drain. Now the battery won't charge for more than a few minutes of use. I can't even drain it all the way any longer. It will go a few minutes, stop, then I have to wait for several minutes before trying it again. Same scenario over and over for 2 weeks. Can't charge it, can't drain it. Worthless. And when I emailed CutCat from their website for help, I got NO RESPONSE..............................................................................................................CUTCAT RESPONDS: We checked our old emails, but can't find one from you about this issue. We apologize that you received a unit that isn't working. These units are warrantied for a year. We wish you had called us about this soon after the problem started; this was posted almost two years after you purchased it. We will call you to discuss this in more detail.

1s1s1s1s1sThrilled with this purchase!
By Sherri
I've tried different things over the years to help protect me from dangerously high EMF levels. I have a very severe sensitivity. These are the first products I've purchased that actually do what they say they do. I'm planning to buy more for my family. I'm not sure why, but mine holds a charge a lot longer than 40 hours.

By Kevin
See my total harmonizer review. Product really works. We purchased this unit a couple of years ago to try it out and while driving around. I have since purchase total shield units. I'm getting another mini for myself now while my wife is using the 1st one. Kevin

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