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MQ7 Non-Toxic Bedbug Spray

MQ7 Non-Toxic Bedbug Spray
With bedbugs an ongoing problem in hotels throughout the country, why take chances when you can use a non-toxic solution? MQ7's Zybug spray stops a bedbug in its tracks within 40 seconds! Unlike chemical sprays that build up toxic residue and can cause allergic reactions, cedar-based Zybug can be applied around the entire home as often as needed if you think you have a bedbug problem. Pour some into an airline-regulation spray bottle and take it with you when you travel! Treat your bed and your luggage; you don't want to take any of those critters home with you! Safe around children and pets. 16-ounce spray bottle. Contains cedar oil, lactic acid, ethyl ester, isopropyl myristate.
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Price: $15.95
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