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Ionic Plaque-Reducing Toothbrush

The Ionic Kiss toothbrush works on the simple principle that your teeth are negatively charged and plaque is positively charged: Opposites attract, so plaque adheres to teeth. (Click here for diagram.) The 3-volt lithium battery gives a negative charge to the brush head when the handle is moistened. During brushing, a positive charge is sent to the teeth, temporarily changing their polarity to positive. The positively charged plaque is then attracted to the negatively charged brush.

The toothbrush features a push-button battery tester built into the handle, and a choice of three types of brush heads. The head that is already on the toothbrush is the superfine brush (see photo above), which has soft bristles of two different lengths for extra cleaning power. For the four additional brush heads that come with the toothbrush, choose from the Superfine; the V-Cut, with medium bristles of two different lengths; and Soft Widebody, a wider brush. We also have a limited number of regular brush heads in stock, with bristles that are all the same length.
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Additional brush heads can be purchased separately by clicking here.
Click here for a research study on the Ionic Toothbrush.

1 toothbrush  $29.95
2 or more  $26.95
Brush Type*
Rounded Soft 
Superfine Soft 
V-cut Medium 
Widebody Soft 
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