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Sound Healing Introductory Set

Sound Healing Introductory Set
Vibrational healing can have powerful effects on body, mind and spirit. Tuning forks enhance many treatment methods and are especially effective when applied to acupuncture points. The instruments access and nourish the Qi (life force) flowing through the body. The forks' sound waves work like kinetic energy, moving disharmony and tension from your body while restoring a sense of well-being.

This package features Ohm Therapeutics' Mid-Ohm tuning fork (136.1 Hz) made of high-quality (space-grade) aluminum. This sound wave can enhance breathing, relieve body tension and assist in meditation. Package also contains tuning-fork activator, printed instructions, and "There's No Place Like Ohm" CD, combining sounds of nature and animals with wind instruments. This beautiful "sound odyssey" allows you to resonate with the Ohm tone. Click here for an audio sample.

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