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Inner Vitality Liquid

# S IV
Inner Vitality Liquid
Humic and fulvic acids are both extracted from humate, a molecule found in soil. Humate aids in composting (breaking down other organic matter) and transferring nutrients from the earth to living organisms. Scientists have found that when humates are ingested, the humic acid places a coating around viruses, preventing them from adhering to the cells. The fulvic acid acts as a mineral carrier as well as a chelator to carry toxins away from your cells. Inner Vitality is a mixture of humic and fulvic acid in liquid form (4-to-1 ratio of fulvic to humic--the optimal proportion for everyday use). Mix with water or juice; 32-ounce bottle (1-month supply) or economical gallon size. Safe for kids and pets. Also available in concentrated drops.
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32 ounces (List price $29.95)   $24.95
Gallon (List price $69.95)   $64.95
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