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Frigipure Refrigerator Freshener

# A FP
Frigipure Refrigerator Freshener
Freshen your fridge with Frigipure! Fruits and vegetables emit ethylene gas, which is what causes spoilage. Baking soda doesn’t get rid of it; Frigipure does! This canister of specially treated carbons eliminates unpleasant odors and extends the life of your produce. Frigipure lasts for up to four months. Maintenance-free: Simply press on side tabs to open both ends and place on any flat surface inside your refrigerator. Measures 2 inches in diameter, 3.25 inches long. From the makers of Aquaspace water filters. Buy three Frigipures (enough for one year) and save!
Important Note: If you order a three-pack, you need to enter "1" into the quantity box, not 3.
One Frigipure  $19.95
Three-Pack  $44.95
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