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Dirty Electricity and Electromagnetic Radiation

# B1164
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Dirty Electricity and Electromagnetic Radiation
By Donna Fisher. In this updated version of "More Silent Fields: Cancer and the Dirty Electricity Plague," an electrically sensitive consumer tells the story of how she was affected by radio frequencies (RFs, also called "dirty electricity") and how Stetzerizer filters helped her. The book includes recent research into RFs and new alternative cancer treatments using electromagnetic energy. Discusses how RFs work and what problems they can cause; includes case studies of other people who have used Stetzers successfully. (The author has no connection to the company; she wanted to tell her story so that others like her can be helped.) This book will leave you without a doubt that we do indeed have a plague of pandemic proportions on our hands. (SC 239 pages)
Click here to see the author's other book, "Silent Fields," about 60-Hz. electromagnetic fields.
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