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Clarus Q-Link, Black

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Clarus Q-Link, Black
Clarus Products use Sympathetic Resonance Technology (SRT), a proprietary system based on years of research. SRT is an array of frequencies that support and enhance the biofield. The devices act like a tuning fork, resonating with your biological energy to boost energy and fight stress caused by EMFs. Clarus pendants combine an attractive piece of jewelry with the Clarus technology. Each pendant contains the patented SRT resonating wafer (about the size of a watch battery), which conducts subtle energy and converts it to more coherent energy states; and a fine-copper coil that functions like an antenna to strengthen the size of the positive field. Click here for diagram.

The front of this triangular black pendant has the distinctive Q logo in white; back has copper coil. SRT-3 technology is 20 percent stronger than the Classic pendant. Made of biocompatible acrylic on waxed cotton cord.
Click here for a research study on Q-Links and EMFs.
Click here for a summary of other Clarus research studies.
Click here for a Clarus brochure.

Price: $99.00
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