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Biomagnetic Bead

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Biomagnetic Bead
Biomagnetic Research products contain the patented Crystal Catalyst, a unique quartz ceramic material that collects electromagnetic energy and rebroadcasts it so that it is not harmful to you. The products' molecular structure resonates to actually alter the frequencies of negative energies before they hit the body. Carry in your pocket, or place a chain or cord through the hole and wear around your neck. Blue.
Click here for Kirlian photo of subject wearing the bead.
Click here for brain-wave test.
Click here for a flier on the Crystal Catalyst technology.
Customer Reviews
1s1s1s1s1sSmall but mighty
By Dayna
This works, and was ideal for constant travel. It is quite small, so can get misplaced. I'd love one to attach to a dog harness as well. I would say it covers a generous radius around your body when in proximity.

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