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Aussie Trace Minerals

Aussie Trace Minerals
Did you know that blood plasma is chemically almost identical to ocean water? That makes sea-derived minerals the best choice! Concentrated Aussie Trace Minerals from Queensland, Australia, are a natural source of 90 essential trace elements. They contain the same basic mineral balance as sea water, but they have been concentrated through a natural solar evaporation process, and most of the sodium has been removed. The closely guarded harvesting location off the Great Barrier Reef ensures a pristine supply! This new formula is more concentrated than the previous one: One 8-ounce bottle provides 100 servings! Just half a teaspoon is packed with 750 mg. of minerals.
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Price: $24.50
Customer Reviews
1s1s1s1s1sThe best I found
By Rosario
After having some issues with my nervous system, my dietitian suggested I start using Trace Minerals. I purchased the ones found in every health food store but they did not agree with me. I realized all Trace Minerals are not manufactured and processed equally and I needed to do some serious research. After a lot of digging I found PURE AUSSIE, which I believe to be the cleanest, purest and least processed on the planet. From the very first dosage I experienced the difference. They are ONE OF A KIND. I am very grateful to have found this product.

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