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AegisGuard Headset Shields

# EMF 30009
AegisGuard Headset Shields
AegisGuard headset shields protect against radiation emitted by your cell phone, providing up to 98% shielding effectiveness; and 99.9% when used togther with the earbud covers. Uses the company's patented shielding technology to deflect electromagnetic fields away from your body. Note: This product attaches to your existing headset; it is not a headset.

Two varieties:

  • The Headset Wire Shield (pictured above) consists of two small squares that clamp directly onto the wire (click here for photo of shield on headset wire).
  • Earbud Covers: Set of four radiation-deflecting sponge earbud covers that fit over the earpieces on your headset. The covers fit any headset with round earbuds.
    Click here for Aegis testing information.
  • Model*
    Headset Shield  $29.95
    Earbud Covers  $24.95
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